Governance & Corporate Restructuring

Camden Cottage Associates, LLC (“CCA”) assists small to middle-market manufacturers, distributors and service providers overcome critical periods in their development and growth.

Founded by James C. Ebbert in 2002, the firm has advised numerous companies, secured lenders, unsecured lenders, attorneys and owners on operational and financial restructuring plans.  The firm has also served as a court-appointed receiver in several matters.

In the unfortunate event that a company must be liquidated, CCA has structured orderly wind down plans designed to capture maximum value for all concerned.

Jim is also experienced in developing plans of reorganization in Chapter 11 Bankruptcy cases. Jim’s restructuring experience has provided the knowledge and skills required of an independent director.

Many small to medium size privately held companies lack appropriate corporate governance structures.  If a corporate board does exist, directors are often members of senior management, or in the case of family-owned businesses, members of the family who may or may not be familiar with the company.

Larger and more sophisticated private companies understand the need for governance, including the need to populate a normally functioning board with experienced independent directors.  These independent directors often have more of a professional, rather than personal, relationship with the owners and are willing to constructively advance ideas to improve the company’s operating and financial performance. They are expected to be fully prepared for each board meeting and on call if serious issues arise between regularly scheduled meetings.

Following eighteen years in industry and financial services, Jim has spent all but three of the last twenty-five years practicing in the turnaround profession.  He was among the second professional group to become certified, receiving his Certified Turnaround Professional designation from the Association of Certified Turnaround Professionals in May 1995.